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Conference 2020


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Dear Brethren,

The annual Czech conference will be held again at a beautiful place in the
very heart of the Czech Republic - in Hotel “Kraskov” located near the area of “Seč” water dam.

Date: 25 th October – 1st November 2020
Place: EA Hotel Kraskov
  Třemošnice-Starý Dvůr 47, 538 43 Třemošnice
  49°52'8.505"N   15°36'34.877"E
Web: http://www.hotelkraskov.cz/
Arrival: 25 th October 2020
Check-in 3:00-5:00 pm
Departure: 1st November 2020
Check-out 10:00 am


Accommodation: Hotel or cottage

There is a little kitchen-corner with cooker, cattle and a small fridge in cottages (their capacity is up
to 6 people). The number of cottages is limited and so these will be primarily used to accommodate
bigger families. It is not possible to cook in the hotel rooms.

ATTENTION: Please note that it is not possible to cook all meals this time. All adults and children
above 12 years need to order at least 1 main course per day (for detailed information please see the
registration form). Also note that there is not enough space and kitchen equipment in cottages for
cooking big meals – they are suitable for preparing light and simple meals like salads etc.

There is a possibility to use other hotel services like a small indoor swimming pool, gym or minigolf –
pricelist is posted at hotel’s website.

(Approximate and based on current USD/CZK exchange rate)


- Double room in Hotel: 59 USD per room per night
- Cottage (5 beds): 86 USD per cottage per night
- Baby bed rented from Hotel: 5 USD per night
- Extra bed (for cottages): 22 USD per night

Please note that there will be an additional cost charged for the rental of the conference meeting room - around 14 USD per person.

(For approximate prices please see the Registration form)

Please use the Registration form: Registration_form2020.xlsx
Download it to your computer, fill it out and send it to the following e-mail address:

Payment will be made either by credit card (not all types are accepted at the hotel) or in cash during
the conference.

Basic information:
The first meeting will be held on Sunday 25th at 7pm (CET)
Fast before the convention: You may join us in fasting the week before the convention.

Contact persons:
For further information please call:

Registrations: Oliver Čapčík +420 739 780 218

or write to conference2020@patmos.cz


God bless you!
The church in Prague


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